A Lancashire seaside town which is now a shadow of it's former self following the downsizing and eventual closure of the Frontierland theme park.

A tour of Frontierland site 13 September 2008

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There was also a Frontierland Petition which ended on 26th June 2008.

I revisited the Frontierland site on in september '08 and everything was about the same, with the exception on the Polo Tower which had scaffolding around it as the local council had ordered the owners to clean it up.

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I visited Morecambe on 29th July 2007 and the place was very quiet, considering it was the beginning of the busiest week of the year for holidays.  The travelling fairground next to the Midland Hotel was also deserted compared with Southport Pleasureland. 

Pictures By Jim Lowe copyright 2007

Pictures By Jim Lowe copyright 2007

I also had a look inside the former Frontierland but nothing has been done since my last visit in 2005, apart from the front hoarding being painted blue and the Polo Tower being secured.

The Log Flume remains mothballed, although it is not really secure. and if it is left another 5 years it will probably end up being levelled like the rest of the site. A new building is being constructed at the back of the site but this appears to be yet another retail unit.

Pictures By Jim Lowe copyright 2007

All pictures by Jim Lowe © 2009